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    Hello if i were to give you my licence key are my orignal saves compatable with the updated steam version as i do not want to redo what i had previous done if possible. thank you EDIT i just sent you an email for a steam key as you don't seem to be active on here anymore :(

    hi everyone..i wanted to buy farmer's dynasty on steam and this was the only place where it was recommended where i can currently buy from,so i registered as a new user on here and verified my account to the email i specified..went to put the game in the shopping basket and it is stating my postal code is incorrect/invalid,to be honest i'm not sure why it is saying that as i buy games from other online shops this is the first time a website refuses to reckonise my postal code in either way i put it in..if someone has had this issue on here please do reply as i would like to buy farmer's dynasty..thanks :!: