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    As far as I can tell, there hasn't been a single update for this game since April (and they were doing weekly updates, now nothing) yet the game is still heavily under-developed... Have we been abandoned?? Are they even still working on this game??

    try to rightclick on the Exe in the setup directory. In the context menu you should be able to select the graphic card to start the game with. This feature is just available on PCs with more than one GPU chips.

    Here you can read more:…se-dedicated-gpu-windows/

    I don't believe this is an option for many laptop players, including myself. I have tried to contact devs via multiple platforms over the last week and have heard nothing... The game desperately needs optimization for laptops, even if it's just a simple setting to decrease the graphical demands. By not doing so and requiring such an extreme graphics card, you are severely limiting the amount of customers you will have which just doesn't seem like a smart business strategy. Myself, and I'm sure many others, would be extremely grateful for an optimization. I understand the game is in early dev and that there are issues with steam that are all obviously taking up time and effort, but just some plans of future optimization would be enough for the time being. Thank you

    Perhaps you should try with some different video settings. I've set Area Density to flat because the rugged terrain vehicles create when driving makes it lag insanely after a while. It'll continue to lag for a while after setting it to flat, because it doesn't remove the ruggedness instantly but it will fade away in time.

    I can't even change my video settings, it just has a greyed out option saying "custom settings" but I can't click on it... tbh graphics in the game aren't even that great so idk why the game requires such high specs

    So on the main start up page I have a message at the bottom that reads

    "Video card used (Intel UHD Graphics 620) has less than 1GB of dedicated video memory. This is below requirements, so alternate (smaller) renderer has been chosen to run the game."

    How do I fix this?? I have a designated gaming computer and I thought I had figured out how to allocate more video memory but I guess not... I can't find where the graphic card settings are on my computer (running windows 10), any help would be great!! I currently can't play the game without it crashing every 10 minutes.

    I guess I'll have to give it a try.... thanks for all the help!! Do you know if there's any way to make sure the devs see this so either they can advise me or we can get another patch asap?? My computer is designed for gaming so this shouldn't be an issue...

    Yah no my error was a huuuuuuuge list of failed to create texture things. And yah I am running .73, also within the span of my last reply and this one, the game white screened again and blocked my entire screen to the point that even task manager couldn't be accessed so I had to force shutdown my computer. :/

    Just basically says ERROR: FAILED TO CREATE TEXTURE FOR 'xxxxxx' (xxxxxx being a bunch of different stuff) a fuck ton lol. Only thing I can think of would be to allocate more RAM to the game, but I don't know how to do that. I know how to allocate on things like minecraft cause it has a very clear option, but idk for this game, any ideas??

    Thanks, I lost my progress but i turned on the setting on the new restart. My game is still crashing a lot though, at least 3 times in the last hour or so. Any idea whats causing this??

    So I just finished the home sweet home quest and went to go open the map and the game completely froze... The game is still running and I can still hear the background noise, but the screen is completely white. I'm guessing there's no autosave in the game yet, but can someone confirm this?? I really don't want to lose my progress...

    I was just about to buy farmers dynasty which is described as an "early access download". If it's a download, why is my shipping address needed during the buying process?? I understand billing address, but shipping address makes no sense for a download.