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    I'm not sure why they don't just explain it, so here is what I experienced.

    When you use Paypal to purchase the game from Players Dynasty. You get a message that the key will be sent as soon as your payment processes. Well you payment processes immediately. The issue I experienced is that the key came in a none English formatted message and I had to look closely. Being a 40 year veteran of games, I saw the key in the message. Though the other messages came to my inbox directly, this one went to my spam folder because it was not English.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks for the info. It is also possible to find your key under My Purchases > Licenses.

    would love to purchase and play the game, but its not on my currency(I'm from the Philippines by the way). hopefully it gets back to steam soon

    It will get back on steam this week according to Toplitz. However if you're in dire need to buy it right away, you can easily buy it from this site. The payment gateway is Paypal and they will handle your currency as well.

    I am running Farmer's Dynasty for the first time (my desktop is fairly new and runs Windows 10). I start a new game, and the game loads and then crashes, with no error message or anything. The game just closes. Please help?

    Have you tried starting the game as administrator? Just right click the startup icon and run as administrator. You'll be farming in no time ;)

    Thank you hoxer. I'm 18 Sept, so just purchased a large Wheat field near the Mill and about to start harvesting. unable to purchase the larger trailer, lack of funds. so I'll keep in touch with my progress if I may. Can one sell machinery and where as the dealers info shows buy new machinery, no mention of buying/trading old for new. Await you valued comments. John t.

    You can definitely sell your old eqiupment. If you can spare the pickup truck I think you'll get around 20k for it. You can buy it again later on. I found that a good investment because i saved time buying the expensive trailer, as it was the only one that could be hitched to the old jack bear

    Well I started buying up fields with crops on them. The crops with wheat appear to earn you more money than you give for the field, when you sell the bales. You'll have to do that before 30th september and I'm currently at 27th september which 100k. I've fixed the house - no wife (no time) - 6000 social points and got all the cows and hens allowed. I bought a new trailer for the old Jack bear to save time

    Game freezing is not something that is being reported often. It's more crashes :/

    You could try setting Options > Custom video settings > Area density to flat? That reduced crashes for me, however it reduces the charm as well. Not sure it works for you at all.

    Other than that you should be able to find a couple of log files in %appdata%\Local\CrashDumps or %appdata%\Roaming\CrashDumps (can't remember which one)

    There should also be one in your installation folder which default is c:\Program Files(x86)\Farmers Dynasty\


    I think you will need to reinstall it. You could also try to reinstall your video driver.

    You can also check this link. It's related to your problem.

    In any case I don't think the game is to blame. For some reason your computer doesn't have the required dll.

    (edit: In fact that's exactly what John Thornburn suggested. Sorry John, I was too slow too recognize your solution. )

    Is this a trustworthy site? When i try to install the game it gives me a download for an EXTRACT what is that?

    Hi AtomicPuma9

    Yeah, but the site it self is pretty new. UIG who runs/owns the site handles retail sales for Toplitz Products, the publisher of Farmers Dynasty. You could do a whois of to confirm it.

    I thought it looked pretty shady when I first bought it, but bk_toplitz from steam confirmed on the steam forum (2nd post), that this site is legit. It's good to see you're being careful.

    The updates for the games are being added to the site a couple of hours after the steam version receives an update.

    To actually answer your question, the file you download is self extracting executable. It will unzip the installation files and run them. It's just the old school way of installing games, since steam is currently not an option.

    I have now installed game. But my PC indicated that the FD_ setup bin2 file was in error. But now that I can not register my game while I have just bought the game, I have to download the key and the key that will be published

    You will have to use the serial key found here:

    and enter that when the dialog for license code appears when you run the game.