Wishes for Farmers Dynasty

  • That is a good question for a an already great game. I'm going to have to think on this one. The one thing that matters more to me right now is how we can get the whole gaming community aware of Farmers Dynasty. There is so much confusion on steam right now a lot people don't know what to do. There waiting for it to come back on steam. I am one that bought this on steam then bought it here to help support the game more. I had to go back to my steam version when the update came out on steam because the update here doesn't work. For us that love this game and would like everyone to know about it,, If there is anything we can do to help spread the word let us know. Thanks for such a great game. :thumbup:

  • I would like to be able to sell machinery back to dealers, I don't need my old tractor or plow anymore. Also where does the train go? i would like to take the rails to a new map area.:)

  • My biggest wish would be able to tear down and build new buildings wall by wall. Sort of like in Ark or The Forest. You could make a new spacious barn to all your equipment or a new house with an extra room.

  • Gave this a lot of thought and what i think would be great is to have rental property. At random a farm comes up for sale you buy it and rent it out. The more you fix up the farm you bought the more the rent goes up. You would have a source of income coming in every month. Lets go another step , you have to go and collect your rent or you don't get it.

  • Before adding "Wishes" for Farmers Dynasty, i should propably add a wish for a way cleaner Forum system. Sorry but this here is a total messed up Forum.

    Where are the Sub-categories like "General, Annoucements, Feedback and suggestions"???

    This seems more like an all in one Forum without any organisation.

    Anyways here are some suggestions from my point of view i would like to see in FD.

    1. More Variation with Animals on your Farm (sheeps, pigs. a Dog or a Cat as pets)

    2. Upgradeable Barn with Cows. Instead of milking by hand having milking machines plugged on the udders

    3. More usage for Animal products. Selling Milk and eggs to a wider variation of Traders. Like Bakery, Dairy and stuff.

    4. Better mechanic in the animal products. For me it looks like 10 Chicken always give round about 20 eggs and cows between 1-3 Milk.

    5. Milk in Liters not units.

    6. Posibility to stack cooking. Like..i have 10 milk so make 10 condensed milk out of it. Not always one step after another.

    7. Posibility to restore the old Jack bear tractor, Harvester and its Equipment. Maybe with some little tuning.

    8. Way more realism with Vehicles. Its actually not possible to combine the Jack Bear Tractor with the Fliegl Trailer. The old Jack bear doesnt have Hydraulic connectors for the breaks and lights. Even though the JB wouldnt have the power pulling an 11tons filled Trailer.

    9. The old seeding machine needs a turn on/off option. Once you fill seed in, it already starts spreading them even when you havent reached the field.

    10. Timer for the sprinklers in the Greenhouse. So you dont need to use it by yourself all the time.

    11. Posibility to maybe even plant some Apple trees and lemons.

    12. The Inventory Tab should get an overhaul. Maybe let it look like a Tablet. Also with an overview of the Women in the game you already talked with and how much they already like you.

    13. a Character Editor at the beginning of the Game. Clothing stores to even change your Outfits.

    14. A massive overhaul of the PPL in this game. Sorry beeing so harsh about it but the PPL in this game look like shit. Showing no real emotions, Lips dont move when they speak. Mostly standing around static. Some are totally misplaced like kinda in the middle of a lake. Others walk around the map like stupid.

    I dont expect to have supermodels in the game, but as ugly as they look now...i rather stay a Single Farmer.

    15. Missions needs alot attention too. Example. A woman standing at a lake near town ask me to repair a building for her. The Quest sends me directly into the town to a Building there which is completly intact. Suddenly my Mission is done?? I go back to the Woman and get my reward for doing....nothing?? Stupid

    16. Some NPCs in the Stores. Equal if Material, seedings or Vehicle stores. All are empty. No NPCs that could be like the Seller there.

    17. Some more Farming Vehicles would be nice. More Tractors. Harvester and stuff. A multi seeder would be cool to which cultivates and plants seeds in one machine like the Pöttinger Terasem ^^

    18. Way more interactions with other NPCs. NPCs should also have different personalities, likes and dislikes. And more Chat options.

    19. Entire Translations of the Game. Im playing in German and there are still alot words and stuff in english language.

    20. Maybe a Launcher for the game. So you could always keep us updated before starting the game. Or possible doing hotfixes and stuff.

    And last but not least. I Wish you guys have a better Testing team. Honestly the amount of issues in the game even a school kid would realise....but your Testing Team doesnt seem to be able to.

    Thanks for now

  • That's not one wish ^^ Or perhaps it's one wish carved up in smaller wishes.

    Jokes aside I agree with you. I think most of the issues will be handled eventually. Some of the items are smaller things. Like timer on the greenhouse and liters instead of units. But I'm pretty sure the rest will be the pipeline at some point.

    If you check out the development roadmap https://steamcommunity.com/app…ns/0/2549465882932039182/ you'll notice they pretty much stick to their plan. They just rolled out a maintenance update so next up is traffic and hired helpers. I guess that's going to take a while given the complexity of the update.

    I look forward to seeing what's up next.

  • Hab ein Spiel für 24,99 gekauft was garnicht Startet. Und die Hilfe dauert echt lange. Habe gestern einen Fehler geschrieben aber bis jetzt keine Hilfe. Nicht Kundenfreundlich.

  • Hallo Viktor

    (Übersetzt mit Google Translate)

    1. Deinstallieren Sie die gesamte Anwendung.

    2. Laden und installieren Sie die Version 0.72

    3. Lade Patch 0.73 herunter und entpacke die Datei in C: \ Programme (x86) \ Farmers Dynasty EA

    4. Führen Sie das Programm als Administrator aus, indem Sie mit der rechten Maustaste auf die EXE-Datei in C:\Programme (x86)\Farmers Dynasty EA und "Als Administrator ausführen" klicken.

    Es sollte funktionieren. ^^

  • Hallo weiß einer wann das nächste Update nach 0.73 kommt. Weil ich will nicht das Spiel durchspielen mit Frau Heiraten und Kinder kriegen usw. Und dann kommt das Update. Weil jetzt bin ich noch ein Single Bauer. Und hab auch eine Frage: Helfen die Frau und die Kinder auf dem Hof wie Kühe melken Eier holen oder sind die nur so Da?